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Understanding 4 Conditions of The Vag!na

Several guys do become judgmental and for the wrong reasons simply because they have no understanding why the vagina is in a particular state. This misinterpretation may lead to accusations of cheating, insinuation of uncleanliness, tagging a lady a whore and at best thinking a lady is decent whereas she may not be. There are 4 conditions a vagina could be in and I want to elaborate on those conditions […]

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The Beauty of Dating A Colleague

Hearing ‘the beauty of dating a colleague’ may sound somehow odd because it is something many have said negatives things only about without properly consideration the other side of the coin. True love they say knows no barrier, so office romance should never be an exception but some organisations do not actually condone this as a matter of organisational policy and as such dating a coworker could lead to termination […]

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The 4 Aspects in Marriage

The 4 aspects in marriage means the positive characteristics of all 4, not the negatives, could be present in any particular marriage or there could be decrease from 4 to 3, 2 and possibly 1 only. 1. Friends in Marriage There is sometimes difficulty in differentiating between a union where both persons are Friends or whether they are Lovers and you will only be able to mark the difference if you are let […]

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The 3 Phases of Abortion You Must Know

The woman has been more prudent compared to the man in the management of her eggs, while she releases typically one at a time, the man has been so very wasteful that he releases billions of sperms in a little shot and therefore becoming more culpable of abortion.Read Previous – Mathematical Equations of The Shape of GirlsRead Next – The 4 Aspects in MarriageAbortion for me is the termination of the process […]

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The 4 Features of Women You Never Knew

I may just mischievously point out that the story of creation according to Christianity indicated that the world would have been for only gays if not that God had a second thought and created the woman. The woman was created because God had said it is not good for the man to be alone, meaning it was not in the initial plan of God to create the woman.Read Previous – 5 […]

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5 Facts You Should Know About Sexual Activities

Early one morning a female friend sent me a text message stating I should ask her just any question with the assurance that she will be 100% sincere in her answer. This was one the variety of fun messages that are usually passed around between family, friends and colleagues on social media. Read Previous – Learn Secret Messages Behind Girls’ Social Media Photos Read Next – The 4 Features of Women You Never […]

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Nigerian Female Celebrities and Their Look Alikes

1. Annie Idibia Annie Idibia is the wife of the already legendary 2Face Idibia. She hails from the southern part of Nigeria. Annie for sure is a humble person and down to earth too. People have mix feelings about her for being courageous enough to marry 2Baba but for me there lies her uniqueness and strength. Read Previous – How To Know Your Health Status Through SexRead Next – Learn Secret Messages […]

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How To Know Your Health Status Through Sex

Sex for men has to do with two things; the ability to manage the flow of blood to and fro the penis as well as the ability to control the release of semen out of the penis. Whatever you take in directly as in eating, drinking and inhaling has great effect on your sexual performance, positively and negatively depending what got into the system.Read Previous – 4 Reasons Men Pay For […]

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