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    Funny and New Truths About Fans and Celebrities

    Fans can be likened to a fan because they provide the cool breeze that makes the celebrity cool and comfortable; they have therefore been categorized as follows. Read Previous – The Word Hegenenesusas Read Next – Hilarious Chat Between a Married Man and a Girl He Met OnlineHand Fans These are fans that comprise the ordinary citizenry whose social status is lower than yours. They are the diehard fans that can argue, […]

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    The Word Hegenenesusas

    I believe in things that happen in the night so much as those that take place in the day; I believe the necessity to hustle in the day and to predominantly rest in the night; I believe in the learning of the broad day and the knowledge the dead night.Read Also – The True Family Components and HierarchyRead Next – Must Read Funny and New Truths About Fans and Celebrities I was fast asleep on a […]

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