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    The 4 How of Age, Money and Relationships

    The Between 16 and 22 Girls and boys want to look their best at this age in terms of personal hygiene and appearance. Where they do not have the luxury to change many wears, they ensure the ones they have are kept neat and presentable to look their best.Read Next – Olajumoke: Me, My Virginity and Valentine Read Previous – The Purification Process for Men and Boys At these ages they may not be […]

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    Olajumoke: Me, My Virginity and Valentine

    I am 23 years old, the youngest of three daughters and my name is Olajumoke. I knew too much about boy girl relationship even before I became an adult. My immediate elder sister is older than me with eight years but two of them always let me in about their experiences without holding back for reasons I now understand partially. Read Next – The 5 Types of Girls You May Meet […]

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    The 5 Types of Girls You May Meet in Nigeria

    The Friendly Predator These set of girls put up the not too money conscious type of behavior, they may not initiate a bargain during meeting arrangements and if you attempt to do that they will discourage you and emphasize that you are an adult and you know what is good for a girl. Read Next – The 3 Main Types of SexRead Previous – Olajumoke: Me, My Vigirnity and ValentineThey may just […]

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    The 3 Main Types of Sex

    Private Sex This is the type of sex that involve a husband and a wife, a man and a girlfriend who are in a union or a relationship. This usually takes place because of an emotional attachment between the both parties who have sexual obligations to each other.Read Previous – The 5 Types of Girls You May Meet in Nigeria Read Next – The Purification Process for Women and GirlsThe motive, the […]

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    The Purification Process For Women and Girls

    1. This shall be done to purify your wives who had slept with other men and also your girls who had slept with men before marriage. For the LORD is not pleased that you sleep with wives who are contaminated and you give out your girls who are unfit for marriage.Read Previous – The 3 Main Types of Sex Read Next – Fraud Alert! 2. The LORD had made the woman to […]

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    Fraud Alert!

    Folks are now in the habits of reaping fraudulently from your honesty and integrity. They send a message that reads as below and ask you to choose a colour and abide by whatever outcome the reply message will indicate.Read Previous – The Purification Process for Women and GirlsRead Next – The 6 Things You Should Know When Visiting a Nigerian City for the First Time They appeal strongly to your conscience and […]

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    6 Security Tips For First Timers In Nigeria

    If you plan to be in any Nigerian city for a couple of weeks or you just relocated to that city, be sure to arm yourself with the following information. 1. Know the nearest Police Station to you  Try to have the address, mobile number and know the physical location of the nearest Police Station to where you reside. The Nigerian Police may not be as friendly but one fact […]

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    Shocking Chat Between a Single Mother and a Man

    Lady:Hi Man:Hello Read Previous – 6 Things You Should Know When Visiting a Nigerian City for the First Time Read Next – Should I Marry Her or Should I Not? Lady:Hi Good morning I am horny now Can you do it? Man:Lol yes if it is free Lady:Hahaha Free what? How about maintenance? Service charge Man:It naturally maintains itself Not you Lady:You are not serious Man:You started everything You should have told […]

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    Should I Marry Her or Should I Not?

    I met this girl few years ago and her name is Princess.  I just graduated and as expected was searching tirelessly to get a Job and start a life of my own. I met her in the office of the manager who was to collect my credentials for possible short listing and interview.Read Previous – Shocking Chat Between A Single Mother and a ManRead Next – Hilarious Chat Between a Married Man […]

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    Hilarious Chat Between a Married Man and a Girl He Met Online

    Girl: HiSupWhere are youMan:Morning dearI am at work Read Previous – Should I Marry Her or Should I Not?Read Next – Must Read Funny and New Truths About Fans and CelebritiesGirl:OkayMan:And you?Girl:I am aroundWhere do you work?Man:Gas StationAre you at home?Girl:YesWhere do you live?Man:You want to come to my house?Girl:I am at the Green Hotel nowCan you come there?Man:Where is it located?Girl:At HillvilleMan:You want me to come and you are with your […]

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