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    Nigerian Female Celebrities and Their Look Alikes

    1. Annie Idibia Annie Idibia is the wife of the already legendary 2Face Idibia. She hails from the southern part of Nigeria. Annie for sure is a humble person and down to earth too. People have mix feelings about her for being courageous enough to marry 2Baba but for me there lies her uniqueness and strength. Read Previous – How To Know Your Health Status Through SexRead Next – Learn Secret Messages […]

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    How To Know Your Health Status Through Sex

    Sex for men has to do with two things; the ability to manage the flow of blood to and fro the penis as well as the ability to control the release of semen out of the penis. Whatever you take in directly as in eating, drinking and inhaling has great effect on your sexual performance, positively and negatively depending what got into the system.Read Previous – 4 Reasons Men Pay For […]

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    4 Reasons Some Men Pay For Sex At Unbelievable Rate

    Women tends to want to be involved in sex that is compatible, comfortable and profitable for them; they would not want to get involved in a situation where their basic requirements in bed and off bed are not met.  Read Previous – The Economic, Social and Religious Values of LiesRead Next – How To Know Your Health Status Using Sex Men on the other hand always want to have the woman of […]

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    The Economic, Social and Religious Values of Lies

    Lies, lies, lies abound in our modern day life and has become a major point that contributes, sustains, improves and redefine our economic, social and religious activities on a day to day basis. Religion has been unable to adequately differentiate between the lies of sin and the lies of no sin, lies of progress and lies of retrogression. I am going to dwell briefly on the 3 types of lies […]

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    3 Things That Sustain A Typical Marriage

    Just as Money is the most common word used in public and then in private so also is the word Love, I guess it is the most common word used in private and then in public. Every love expressed has a foundation which may either be inherent or derived or both; love has never stood on its own without a reason and much has been said about love which are […]

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    5 Reasons Your Partner Want To Have Sex With You

    1. TO HAVE ‘LEGITIMATE’ ACCESS TO YOUR MONEY Some partners use this means to get ‘financial breakthrough’ by making the other partner feel highly obliged to fund them. They do this when they know their partner is psychologically weak and feel so attached to them emotionally; they therefore capitalizes on this to keep reaping financial gains.Read Previous – The True Family Components and HierarchyRead Next – 3 Things That Sustains A Typical […]

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    The True Family Components and Hierarchy

    The word FAMILY holds a lot in itself. The chronological order of the alphabets rings a lot of bell to me and I assume it should be also to you by the time you finish reading this. The total number of its characters on its own is like real numbers, they are 6 and they indicate family size. See how I see what the word FAMILY really tells us which […]

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    The 4 Types of Death

    Physical Death Physical death is the death we all know, which we also refer to as passing on, kicking the bucket; it is when the heart stops, the brain shuts down, the body turns cold and still, thereafter deterioration sets in and the body decomposes. Read Previous – Sexual Appeal and The 5 SensesRead Next – The True Family Components and HierarchyThis is one death that the human race has not been able […]

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    Sexual Appeal and the 5 Senses

    The Eyes Visuals is the first selling point for sexual appeal; you get attracted to the opposite sex by what you see either in terms of body built and features or by body adornment. This is what really paves the way for further interest in starting any intimate relationship and by far it is the most single factor that has forced wooing mostly by the male counterparts.Read Previous – The Purification […]

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    The Purification Process for Men and Boys

    1. All you men and boys, this shall be done to purify yourselves for sleeping with women and girls who are not your wives and also to purify your sons who had slept with women and girls before marriage. For the LORD is not pleased that your women and girls sleep with men and boys who are contaminated and also that you allow your sons who are unclean to get […]

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