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    South African Socialite Zodwa Wabantu Fine To The Fullest

    Nigerian music superstar Davido is reported to have set his eyes on Johannesburg based South African socialite Zodwa Wabantu known for her ‘pantless’ dressing style. Zodwa Wabantu is rumoured to be part of Davido music video shoot in the nearest future. The widespread belief that Zodwa Wabantu do not wear panties is just a social hype because the beautiful lady actually wear panties but at the required time. She only […]

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    The Girl Caught With 7 Clothing Hidden In Her Bikini

    This video clip of a girl who managed to tuck in 7 pieces of clothing around her privates is incredibly awesome! I have watched the clip circulating on social media over and over again and I am amazed not at the fact that she stole but at the skills she had put in to perfect her scheme and most likely it was technology that must have outsmarted her. There is […]

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    How To Know The Signs of Motherhood

    Mr. Dick is a nice young businessman who attends one of these modern day ‘fire-brand’ churches that are also called Pentecostal churches. He is a typical dedicated member who is involved in most church activities but does not fall into the over zealous ‘I am holier than thou’ class of church hypocrites. He is just a normal simple Christian who eventually found love in Sister Hope a young fair skinned […]

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    How To Rate The Size of The Pen!s

    There has been various means used to determine the size of the male penis which has not be fair enough that is why I have decided to write this article to outline the best way to determine the size of the penis with regards to individual body size. The penis size should not be taken in isolation of the individual physical attributes especially the height of the male involved. Read […]

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    4 Things That Cause Couples To Have Extra Lovers

    Overtime I have been able to gather that the love we use to refer to is no more practicable in real sense of the word; the word love has tremendously evolved to something simpler and lighter. On that note I have specifically refer to love as the willingness to continuously engage in sexual intercourse with someone for divers benefits. People doubt the possibility to love more than one person at […]

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    4 Reasons Why You Should Accept There Is God

    I am not going to talk about which god is god and which god is not god here; I am just going to emphasize that there are various indicators that points to the fact that there is a strong belief in a supreme being which is beyond reasonable doubts and as such should be taken seriously. Such beliefs may differ in names assigned to the god or gods and may […]

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    The 4 Approach To Sex

    If you get these facts right, it could definitely help in enabling you choose a partner that will suit your kind of person. These sex behaviours are really not something to worry about but rather you should pay attention to them because they speak volumes. Watch out for these 4 approach to sex whenever you have first time sex with your partner in comparison to subsequent love making. Read Previous […]

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    3 Ways To Know Your Woman Is Into You

    Women normally have some issues they only share with their fellow women and hardly do they bring these to the attention of their male partner or spouses. When a woman habitually engage in these three issues with her partner or spouse, there is every tendency that she must be trustworthy, caring and faithful.Read Previous – How To Know If Your Partner May Be Unfaithful Read Next – The 4 Approach To […]

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    How To Know If Your Partner May Be Unfaithful

    There are attitudes your partner may put up, that may not mean much to you but if you look deeper there might be more than meets the eye. The booming of mobile phones technology and the internet have opened a floodgate not only for legitimate businesses to thrive but also for avenues to either strengthen the man woman relationship or most unfortunately undermine relationships and marriages.Read Previous – The Sexy Story […]

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    The Sexy Story of Love and The Glass Bottle

    The Sexy Story of Love and the Glass Bottle will interest you! Love arguably should be one of the most used word everywhere, every time among persons of divers ages and tongues. In the same vein, there is undoubtedly no home you will walk into and will not find a glass bottle. Glass bottles are made from sand and going by the biblical account of creation, man was also fashioned […]

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