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The 4 Types of Death

Physical Death Physical death is the death we all know, which we also refer to as passing on, kicking the bucket; it is when the heart stops, the brain shuts down, the body turns cold and still, thereafter deterioration sets in and the body decomposes. Read Previous – Sexual Appeal […]

Sexual Appeal and the 5 Senses

The Eyes Visuals is the first selling point for sexual appeal; you get attracted to the opposite sex by what you see either in terms of body built and features or by body adornment. This is what really paves the way for further interest in starting any intimate […]

The 3 Main Types of Sex

Private Sex This is the type of sex that involve a husband and a wife, a man and a girlfriend who are in a union or a relationship. This usually takes place because of an emotional attachment between the both parties who have sexual obligations to each other.Read […]