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The 4 Approach To Sex

If you get these facts right, it could definitely help in enabling you choose a partner that will suit your kind of person. These sex behaviours are really not something to worry about but rather you should pay attention to them because they speak volumes. Watch out for […]

The 5 Classifications of Marriage

Marriage has been existing from time immemorial as means developed to stop fights and brutality on who keeps a woman or not. It has most recently evolved from its simple and intended state to a more complicated ritual. The original conception of marriage is rapidly changing from a […]

Understanding 4 Conditions of The Vag!na

Several guys do become judgmental and for the wrong reasons simply because they have no understanding why the vagina is in a particular state. This misinterpretation may lead to accusations of cheating, insinuation of uncleanliness, tagging a lady a whore and at best thinking a lady is decent […]